100% Quality Tested EN 10083-2 C50E Steel Plates

  • EN 10083-2 C50E Steel Plates available for sale in thickness: 6MM to 300MM, width: 1500mm to 4050mm, and length: 3000mm to 15000mm

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Metline is a specialized supplier of EN 10083-2 C50E steel sheets and plates. We can offer EN 10083-2 C50E pressure vessel steel plates in a variety of thickness and sizes at reasonable prices. EN 10083-2 C50E is either available as ex–stock or directly shipped from the mill to our customers across the globe.

EN 10083-2 is an indispensable guide developed by technical experts for those who specify, purchase or supply steel. It specifies the technical delivery requirements for semi-finished and hot formed products. manufactured from the direct hardening non-alloy steels for quenching and tempering and the non alloy flame and induction hardening steels and supplied in one of the heat treatment conditions given for the different types of products  surface conditions. The steels are generally intended for the manufacture of quenched and tempered, flame or induction hardened machine parts, but can also be used in the normalized condition.

Chemical Composition of EN 10083-2 C50E Steel Plate

Grade The Element Max (%)
C50E C Si Mn P S
0.47-0.55 0.4 0.60-0.90 0.03 0.035
Cr Mo Ni Cr+Mo+Ni
0.4 0.1 0.4 0.63

Mechanical Properties of EN 10083-2 C50E Steel Plate

Grade thickness Yield Tensile Elongation
 C50E mm Min Mpa Mpa Min  %
t≤8 ≥520 750-900 ≥14
8–20 ≥430    650-800 ≥16
20-60 ≥370 630-780 ≥17