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Incoloy Alloy 800H/800HT Sheets Suppliers, Distributors. We Sell Alloy 800H & Alloy 800HT Sheets Worldwide

///Incoloy Alloy 800H/HT Sheets ASTM B409, A240

Incoloy Alloy 800H/HT Sheets ASTM B409, A240

Incoloy Alloy 800H/800HT Sheets Suppliers – We Sell Quality Alloy 800HT Sheet Products at Best Prices!

  • Incoloy 800HT, also known as “Alloy 800HT”, is designated as UNS N08811 or DIN W.Nr. 1.4959. It is an iron-nickel-chromium alloy having the same basic composition as Incoloy 800 and Incoloy 800H but with significantly higher creep-rupture strength.
  • Incoloy 800H, also known as “Alloy 800H”, is designated as UNS N08810 or DIN W.Nr. 1.4958. It has almost the same chemical composition as Alloy 800 except that it requires a higher carbon addition resulting in improved high-temperature properties
  • Alloy 800H/HT sheets have minimum tensile strength of 600 MPa, yield strength of 295 MPa, elongation of 44% and minimum hardness of 138 HB.
  • In general, alloy 800 has higher mechanical properties at room temperature and during short-time exposure to elevated temperatures, whereas alloys 800H and 800HT have superior creep and rupture strength during extended high-temperature exposure.

Specialist Suppliers of Alloy 800H/800HT or Incoloy 800/800HT Sheets – Metline is a leading global distributor and supplier Incoloy Alloy 800/800HT sheets. We are a leading metal service center in India, and can offer Incoloy 800HT sheets & cut to size sheets in a wide range of dimensions and sizes. All our products are supplied with Mill Test Reports, as per EN 10204 3.1, with complete traceability. We specialise in the supply of cut to size Alloy 800H/800HT sheets, also known as Incoloy 800HT sheets.

Other Available Shapes in Incoloy Alloy 800H/800HT Grade

Sheets, Coils, Strips, Pipes,, Blocks, Round Bars, Flat Bars, Rods, Wire

Custom Forgings, Flat Bars & Plates Available on Demand

We specialize in the manufacturing of custom size Alloy 800H/800HT forgings, circles and flat bars. In-house machine and weld facilities help insure that the most common items will be in stock. Items not in stock can be fabricated in a short period of time either in-house or through our extensive, approved subcontractor and supplier network.

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Incoloy 800H & Incoloy 800HT Sheets, Cut to Size Alloy 800/800HT Sheets

Origin of Goods

India, Europe, Japan, USA


Thickness 0.5mm to 6mm
Width 1000/1250/1500
Length Custom


Mill TC EN 10204 3.1, Third Party Inspection, NDT/DT Test Reports


Standard Size Products are Available Ex-Stock for Immediate


10 kg's to Production Qty's

Delivery time

Promptly (Stock) or 10-40 days (Production)

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Petrochemical Process Piping, Heat Exchangers, Carburizing Equipment, Heating Element Sheathing, Nuclear Steam Generator Tubing, Super­heater and Re­heaters in Power Plants, Pressure Vessels, Industrial Furnaces

What is the Difference Between Alloy 800 & Alloy 800H/HT?

Alloys 800H (UNS N08810) and 800HT (UNS N08811) are superior to Alloy 800 (UNS N08800), having greater creep and stress rupture properties. Alloy 800 is mainly used in applications with temperatures up to 1100° F, where alloys 800H and 800HT are normally used in temperatures above 1100° F where resistance to creep and rupture is required. The chemical balance allows the nickel steel alloy to exhibit excellent resistance to carburization, oxidation and nitriding atmospheres. Alloy 800HT will not become embrittled even after long periods of usage in the 1200-1600° F range where many stainless steels become brittle.


ASTM A240, A480, ASTM B409, B906