100% Quality Tested ASME SA455 Steel Plates

  • ASME SA455 Steel Plates available for sale in thickness: 6MM to 300MM, width: 1500mm to 4050mm, and length: 3000mm to 15000mm

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Metline is a specialized supplier of ASME SA455 steel sheets and plates. We can offer ASME SA455 pressure vessel steel plates in a variety of thickness and sizes at reasonable prices. ASME SA455 is either available as ex–stock or directly shipped from the mill to our customers across the globe.

ASME SA455 it is a specification covers high-tensile strength carbon-manganese steel plates intended for welded pressure vessels. Plates are normally supplied in the as-rolled condition. The plates may be ordered normalized or stress relieved, or both. The steel shall conform to the chemical composition requirements. The plates, as represented by the tension test specimens, shall conform to the mechanical property requirements.

Chemical Composition of ASME SA455 Steel Plate

Grade C Si Mn P S
AS455 0.33 0.13 0.79-1.30 0.035 0.035

Mechanical Properties of ASME SA455 Steel Plates

Grade Thickness(mm) Yield strength (≥Mpa) Tensile strength (Mpa) Elongation in ≥,%
AS455 T≤9.5 260 515-655 200mm 50mm
9.5<T≤15 255 505-640 15 22
15<T 240 485-620